Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Houston and Dogs

Great Facts You May Not Know:

Did you know that the Houston SPCA provided services to over 100,000 animals last year? That is a whole lot. I know the city is large, but their staff and funds are small. Also, the Houston SPCA microchips dogs for only $25. I've seen it as high as $40 other places. The shelter also offers training classes (levels 1 and 2) for $85 each if you adopted your animal from them and $100 if you don't own one of their dogs. You could definitely see if this helped along with purchasing dog training technique books. Trainers are known to cost thousands and you still have to put in work yourself.
**The Houston SPCA is offering a kid "critter camp" where they get to interact with dogs and cats. This is wonderful if you are considering adopting or would if your kids are big animal lovers! It could be a great change if your child is normally in day care the entire day. The operation hours are 8:45am till 3pm and the cost is $295 per week. Several different camp dates are offered.**

A new establishment opened in Houston called The Boneyard Drinkery. It's a bar that allows you to bring your dog (attended to only of course). The bar isn't just for drinking alcohol either. There are several coffee drinks to choose from as well. It holds pet adoptions monthly and is open Monday through Friday from 4pm to 12am and Sat through Sunday 12pm to 12am.

I ran across an article that stated about 50% of Houston hotels offer "pet stay" packages. That's great, I say!

Although I couldn't find specifics for Houston, about 40% of homes in America own a dog. I say that number is great and needs to grow! Dogs help protect your property and are great companions! Oh- and as far as Houston goes, I think the percentage is higher because there tends to be more homes with yards here than other places- especially when you get out into the suburbs.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fun Acrostic to Help You Get to Know My Dogs and I

My dogs' names are Macy and Jetson. Jetson is a yellow lab and Macy is a black lab. I'm going to attempt to tell you all I can about them using their names.

Mommy's girl- she tends to answer to me as her master instead of my husband.
Always up for a game of fetch
Cheerful and eager to please
Young when we adopted her- 9 months old- still a puppy!

Joy to have as a pet
Enjoys being petted...NEVER gets tired of it lol
Tends to lay around the door and be our lazy guard dog
Sometimes whines- it's how he communicates
Overly goofy
Nice to all children he's been around- no matter what they do to him! lol

Now you know a little bit about my dogs. Let me add a bit more to it.

We adopted Macy in 2008 from the Houston animal shelter. She was in the shelter for only a day before we fell in love with her. We waited for her to be spayed and we came back and brought her home with us. She loves to play and will probably always act like a puppy. She's very smart and loves any type of water. I would like to train her to be a dock dog so we could mix in everything she loves together: time with me, fetching, and swimming.

We adopted Jetson in 2007 from the Houston animal shelter. He had been in the shelter for about 2 months before we finally rescued him. He was about 3 years old at the time we got him and I know he had been neutered shortly before we took him home- poor boy! I've heard it always hurts a little more the longer you wait. He loves to play with the water out of the hose, but isn't too sure about pools for some reason. He is the goofiest dog and we enjoy laughing with him and (I confess) at him sometimes.